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Auto Select Casselman : Repair and maintenance

Welcome to Auto Select Casselman, a professional automobile repair and maintenance shop in Casselman. We are proud of our historical reputation of quality on the name JP Service Station since 1989. Auto Select Casselman the place for the maintenance of your automobile,  light truck and SUV. We also repair and maintain Diesel engines.

Auto Select Casselman

Auto Select Casselman has a 4-bay garage services with an wheel alignment lift and a warm waiting room. Our technicians are trained to meet all your needs. We have the best equipment, we use products of high quality and our prices are competitive. Your safety is our heart. Entrust your vehicle and be assured of peace of mind. Our shop is a family business that has been at your service for several years. First, a single garage, it became a super service center four bays.

Check engine

Ask for our towing service

Auto Select Casselman

We are able to tow your vehicle with our own tow trucks. Trust the towing service of Auto Select Casselman to tow and repair your car in the Casselman Ontario area.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning of Garage Auto Select Casselman

The air conditioning in your car is important for a comfortable ride and to maintain the value of your car.

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New tires for sale

Quality new tires in Casselman

Take advantage of our discounts on tires and our inventory of tires for most models and sizes.

Ask Lucie or Peter to know what are the best tires for your needs.

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Wheels alignment

Wheel alignment in Casselman

We are specialized in the automotive and light truck wheels alignment. Do check the alignment of your wheels to protect your tires and save gas.

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General mechanic

general mechanic Garage Auto Select Casselman

For your mechanical work and car care, our mechanics are a reference and we can advise you.

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Analysis engine

Analysis Casselman

Garage Auto Select Casselman in Casselman has equipment at the cutting edge of technology in order to diagnose the failure injection.

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Brakes Casselman

For brakes and durable braking and quality system in Casselman, are dealing with Garage Auto Select Casselman.

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Repair and maintenance of Mercedes vehicles

entretien véhicules mercedes mécanique

Garage Auto Select Casselman is experienced in repair and preventative maintenance on Mercedes vehicles. We take care of your Mercedes car or SUV. Our mechanics are valued on imported vehicles.

Repair and maintenance of Volkswagen vehicles

entretien véhicules volkswagen mécanique

Few shops of auto repair and maintaince work on Volkswagen vehicles. We are equipped to repair European and imported automobiles and SUVs. We maintain gaz and diesel Volkswagen.

Repair and maintenance of Audi vehicles

entretien véhicules audi mécanique

The Garage Auto Select Casselman is specialized in German mechanic. We diagnose and repair Audi automobiles and SUVs in Casselman.

Repair and maintenance of Honda vehicles

entretien véhicules Honda mécanique

Your Honda needs a mechanical repair. We repair and maintain the Honda of all kind.

Repair and maintenance of BMW vehicles

entretien véhicules bmw mécanique

Our skilled technicians repair and maintain german cars and SUV. We are equipped to meet your automotive needs.

Repair and maintenance of Dodge Chrysler vehicles

entretien véhicules Dodge Chrysler mécanique

We are servicing the Dodge Chrysler. Trust us with your commercial vehicle for a fast service and professional.

Repair and maintenance of Acura vehicles

entretien véhicules Acura garage

Repair and maintain your Acura car with our automobile repair services. We provide garanteed works and good parts quality.

Repair and maintenance of Mazda vehicles

entretien véhicules mazda mecanique

Your Mazda needs a mechanical repair. We repair and maintain the Asians mechanics such as Mazda auto, light truck, van, minivan and SUV.

Repair and maintenance of Mitsubishi vehicles

entretien véhicules Mitsubishi mécanique

Our expertise enables us to guarantee mechanical work on Mitsubishi vehicles. We repair cars and Mitsubishi SUVs.

Repair and maintenance of Toyota vehicles

entretien véhicules toyota garage

We perform the preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance by auto dealers and mechanical repairs on imported automobiles such as cars, light trucks and all Toyota vehicles.

Repair and maintenance of Nissan vehicles

entretien véhicules nissan

Your Nissan needs a mechanical repair. We repair and maintain the Asians mechanics such as Nissan auto and SUV.

Repair and maintenance of Subaru vehicles

entretien véhicules Subaru mécanique

Our expertise allows us to guarantee the mechanical work on Subaru vehicles. We repair Subaru cars and SUV.

Repair and maintenance of Ford vehicles

entretien véhicules Ford

We repair and maintains cars according to automobile dealers and light-duty trucks. We repair Ford cars and light trucks.

Repair and maintenance of Pontiac vehicles

entretien véhicules Pontiac

Find a garage for your Pontiac. Whether for a automobile, light truck or SUV, we are equipped to diagnose and repair your Pontiac vehicle.

Repair and maintenance of Chevrolet vehicles

entretien véhicules Chevrolet

Original parts, top quality parts or used parts, we repair your vehicle according to standards of Chevrolet dealers.

Repair and maintenance of Volvo vehicles

entretien véhicules Volvo

Find a garage for your Volvo. Whether for a car, light truck or SUV, we are equipped to diagnose and repair your Volvo.

Repair and maintenance of Hyundai vehicles

entretien véhicules Hyundai

Save on your auto repairs and Hyundai SUVs. We provide quality parts comparable to the original, with lower prices.

Repair and maintenance of GMC light truck

entretien véhicules Hyundai

Save on your auto repair and light truck GMC. We provide comparable quality to the original.

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